Where My Moms At ? w/ Christina P.
Christina P. is a comedian and exhausted mother of two young boys. WMMA explores all thing parenting - from colossal mom fails to the quiet rage you feel when your toddler won't nap. Emails, voicemails and video submissions are welcome! wheremymomsat.com WhereMyMomsAt@gmail.com (213) 375-5184

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WHERE MY MOMS AT!? It's the show by the Moms for the Moms. Hosted by everybody's favorite "cool mom" Christina P! Not only the most REAL show for moms, but the most interactive. An open place to admit no one really knows what they're doing.

Part 2 of the Sudafed Chronicles - the trap remix! Picking up where she left off last week, Christina P gets into all sorts of Pazsitzky Effects, voicemails, and emails on this week’s #WMMA. We talk getting older and dressing quirkier, realizing you can wear whatever color winter coat that you want, separating yourself from the pack, and how "Trap Remix" might be the best name for a stuffed iguana. A voicemail from a husband who makes scented spa towels for his wife at home leaves Christine upset at Tom. A caller’s tip to use gap blockers to keep toys out from under the couch falls on deaf ears. And a husband who “forgets to brush his teeth” leads to a conversation on hygiene, being the smelly kid growing up, and knowing that Peppermint Patty was a lesbian. Then, Christina shares a vital Mom Hack for when you need a Mom Break called the Cost-Benefit Analysis. We talk about what happened when Christina let her boys play with a cheap first aid kit and how she instills honesty with rewards. Enny puts an end to the watermelon seed debate and has a troubling revelation about his mom along the way. What’s the right way to store bread? Can you wash gym shoes? Does Nadav HAVE to finish all the food on his plate? We have answers. Also, we tackle your WWCPD questions on fixing credit reports, gentle parenting TikToks, and something called a “puke bowl.” This week we also get into celebrity before and after pictures, Liberace, and finding out Miles Davis was gay. Cool moms like jazz!

Christina P. wants to hear from you since she is seriously lacking in cool mom friends. If you want to share a "Pazsitzky Effect" or "Mom Hack" please call into our voicemail (213)375-5184 and let Christina know! We want to talk to as many moms across America as we can.

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