Where My Moms At ? w/ Christina P.
Christina P. is a comedian and exhausted mother of two young boys. WMMA explores all thing parenting - from colossal mom fails to the quiet rage you feel when your toddler won't nap. Emails, voicemails and video submissions are welcome! wheremymomsat.com WhereMyMomsAt@gmail.com (213) 375-5184

WHERE MY MOMS AT!? It's the show by the Moms for the Moms. Hosted by everybody's favorite "cool mom" Christina P! Not only the most REAL show for moms, but the most interactive. An open place to admit no one really knows what they're doing.

Christina P starts with reflecting on how incredible Susan Pinsky was as a guest. So much insight! Then we learn about Nadav's new discovery about fabric softener and how incredibly normal and responsible Chris is. Christina shows some photographic evidence of barefoot/croc nightmares. We check in on a HUGE line to get into the Birkenstock store. WHY. Christina shares some on-topic TikToks about mom hacks, models, and cool skater boys. We hear some follow up emails from alive humans who were left alone with strangers, dad hacks, and a whole bunch of questions for "What Would Christina P Do?!"

Christina P. wants to hear from you since she is seriously lacking in cool mom friends. If you want to share a "Mom Fail" or "Mom Hack" please call into our voicemail (213)375-5184 and let Christina know! We want to talk to as many moms across America as we can.

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